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Tomasz Karwat

I’m an expert in electrical power engineering, an experienced manager, a coach and a publicist in one. I’m comprehensively educated and have many years of experience.

I have been doing electrical power measurements for more than 20 years while conducting trainings in this area at the same time. My online lectures for Eaton company each week gather around 500 people (with a record being 800 logged-in users).

I’ve written many publications on device maintenance and diagnostics. I’m a certified expert in OSH and an internal OSH auditor. I’m also a certified lecturer at the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) and an assessor at the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations. Additionally, I also serve as an ad hoc court appointed expert. On top of that I also work as an expert in loss settlement for insurance companies including: PZU, Aviva, Warta or Hestia.

From 2006, with success, I’m the owner of Technical Management ( which provides services in the area of consulting, auditing, designing and conducting measurements of electrical power engineering installations. The company is performing great, constantly developing and increasing the level of its services which leads to happier Clients.

Since 2014 I’m the technical editor for the Wiedza i Praktyka Publishing House.

From March 1, 2016 I’m also a chairman of the consulting company which is a part of NOT (Polish Federation of Engineering Associations).

Tomasz Karwat

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