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Privacy Policy

‘COOKIE’ FILES PRIVACY POLICY What are Cookie files?

They are simple text files which are sent to your hard drive through the browser you use in order to allow our system proper recognition of the browser and providing services which are necessary for you, such as logging in, creating the shopping cart, remembering the company address or settings in terms of showing products on our website.

Privacy Policy

Information we gather are used only for the purpose of in order to perform analyses and upgrade the quality of our services – we never give those information to other companies or people. Sensitive information about specific clients are not stored in cookie files but safely transferred directly to our servers.

3rd party service providers

We use Google Analytics to analyze the traffic on our website and how it’s being used. The cookie files are used to show proper ads and links, and Google may gather information about your visits on other sites which use the same type of services. More about privacy when using Google Analytics can be read at

If you want to deny Access to Google Analytics, install the official plug-in on your browser:

Your choice

In your browser, you can block all cookie files, usually in privacy settings. It will make it totally impossible for such files to be installed from websites like ours. Yet, choosing this option will block you access to many functions on our website. We also cannot guarantee that services offered by our website will work as planned.

More info about blocking cookie files in your website can be found here:

Nasza strona korzysta z plików cookies. Używamy ich w celu prawidłowego wyświetlania się strony na twoim urządzeniu. Jeżeli nie wyrażasz na to zgody, możesz zmienić ustawienia swojej przeglądarki. Więcej informacji na temat wykorzystywanych przez nas informacji zapisywanych w plikach cookies znajdziesz w polityce prywatności.