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My roots

“An apple does not fall far from the tree”

In my case, that well-known saying works perfectly. My apple tree has two sides. My late father, Tadeusz Karwat (1941-2008) was the one who sparked the interest in technical science in me and thanks to him I got into electrical engineering. My mom, with a degree in economics, passed the knowledge and gift of being an efficient manager onto me. I’m an apple that is a perfect blend, I inherited from my parents the best qualities there are: intuition to manage a company and a mind of a scientist.

Tadeusz Karwat PhD, Eng., for many years was a valued lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology and an active member of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP).

A lecturer with vocation

Tadeusz Karwat devoted all his student and professional life to scientific activities at the Warsaw University of Technology. That’s where he got his engineering degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and then begun his PhD at the same faculty, at the same time starting his career as an academic teacher. After defending his PhD in 1975 he got the position of adjunct professor at the Institute of Theory of Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Information Systems. He gave lectures and laboratory tutorials in such areas as: theory of electrical engineering, linear/non-linear network analysis and theory of electromagnetic fields, as well as introduction to electromagnetism. He also passed his expert knowledge in the form of academic publications – he was a co-author of three university scripts and a student’s book released by WNT titled: ‘A Collection of Exercises in Theory of Electrical Engineering’.

An outstanding scientist and practitioner in one

During his professional career, Tadeusz Karwat PhD, Eng., was the author of many projects for the electrical-power engineering industry such as:

  • Author of introduction of transducers into Polish power plants,
  • Co-creator of a measuring instrument for asymmetry of phase currents for 500 MW generators at the Kozienice power plant,
  • Co-creator of feeler gauges at the Wisła-Czarne dam,
  • Author of a dozen other patents.

He was also a great publicist and a co-author of dozens of scientific publications.

A devoted SEP member

Tadeusz Karwat PhD, Eng. Joined the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers in 1976. As he preferred to be an active member of the association, he performed such functions as:

  • since 1982 he was the initiator and President of the SEP no. 201 Student’s Association at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. During his term he has been greatly appreciated as an organizer of student science field trips to industrial facilities or commercial-power system facilities, and as a training instructor teaching courses which certified maintenance/installation/measurement work at several voltage levels;
  • since 1988 he’s been the Board Member of the Warsaw Branch of SEP – actively acting for OW SEP and helping in organization of different conferences and seminars, including “Optimization in Electrical Power Engineering” (organized every 2 years since 1995 by OW SEP) and the “International Power Industry Day” (organized each year by ZG SEP or OW SEP);
  • years 1980-2004 – Member of the Central SEP Youth and Student Committee, and 1996-2000 he was the Chairman;
  • During years 1998 – 2002 he was the Chairman of the Scholarship Fund.

Also, on behalf of SEP, many times he co-organized contests for the best final diploma projects at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, and during years 1986-2004 he was the Chairman of Jury at the Nationwide SEP Contest for the best final diploma project by technicians-electricians.

Tadeusz Karwat was also an acclaimed SEP assessor as well as a valued court appointed expert (he prepared over 100 opinions).

A man fulfilled and appreciated

For his scientific and educational work Tadeusz Karwat PhD, Eng. received many awards from the Dean and the Chancellor of the Warsaw University of Technology. He was also awarded the Golden Cross of Merit and the Commission of National Education Medal.

For his social activity he also received the Silver and Gold Honorary SEP Badge, the Silver and Gold Honorary Badge from the Polish Engineering Association and Szpotański, Pożaryjski, Groszkowski and Fryze Association Medals.

Beloved husband and dad

Despite devoting time to science and pedagogy Tadeusz Karwat was a family man. Together with his wife, Elżbieta with whom he spent 44 years he raised three children and always highlighted how proud of them he was.

My dear parents, thank you so much for making me the perfect ‘fruit’ of the apple tree;).

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